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“PIVOT” CRANK COCKING WINCH, Accessory Carbon Express


Cocking a crossbow takes a lot of strength—up to 150 pounds or more of pull. A crossbow cocking device makes it a lot easier. And while a crossbow cocking rope will reduce the effort required by 50%, a crossbow crank, or winch, can reduce the effort by 90% or more. The “Pivot” Crank Cocking Winch does this, plus a lot more. It achieves a 94% reduction in effort.

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  1. Easy to Use Lightweight and ultra portable, the “Pivot” Crank Cocking Winch weighs only 1 pound. and can easily be installed or removed in seconds. Works with all Intercept®, Covert™, and X-Force® crossbows.
  2. 94% Effort Reduction The “Pivot” Crank Cocking Winch makes it possible for virtually anyone to draw a crossbow by reducing the effort required to cock a crossbow by 94%.
  3. Improved Accuracy Manual cocking can exert different degrees of pressure on each bow limb. The “Pivot” Crank Cocking Winch improves accuracy by ensuring equal pressure to each bow limb. It also helps to center the string in the trigger.
  4. Built-in Toughness Made of machined aluminum to ensure durability and reliability under field conditions. Includes neoprene storage case for protection during transport.







“Pivot” Crank Cocking Winch