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UNIVERSAL ROPE COCKING AID, Accessory Carbon Express


Cocking a crossbow can take up to 150 pounds or more of pull strength, which makes a crossbow cocking rope a useful device. This Universal Rope Cocking Aid will reduce the effort required to cock your crossbow by half. That’s less than a crossbow crank, but it’s also quicker to use—an important consideration when opportunity presents itself in the field.

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  1. Improved Accuracy Manual cocking tends to exert varying amounts of pressure on each bow limb. The Universal Rope Cocking Aid improves accuracy by ensuring equal pressure to each bow limb and by helping to center the string in the trigger.
  2. 50% Less Effort 50% reduction in effort makes the Universal Rope Cocking Aid ideal for seniors, youth crossbow hunters, the physically disabled, and as an accessory with crossbows for women.
  3. Easy to Use Portable and lightweight with comfortable T-handles for easy pulling. Easily attaches and detaches to make cocking your crossbow fast and simple. Works with all Carbon Express® crossbows and most other crossbows.







Universal Rope Cocker