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Q. How do I sight in my Carbon Express® Crossbow?

A. Take your first few shots at 10 yards to get used to your crossbow. Once you can consistently get on target, move to a 20-yard distance and sight the first mark at the center of your target.
Q. Do I have to shoot Carbon Express® bolts in my Carbon Express® Crossbow?

A. Your Carbon Express
® crossbow is designed to shoot bolts from multiple manufacturers. However, for your safety, accuracy, and to avoid damage to your crossbow and bolt, it is important to always shoot crossbolts of the recommended weight, diameter, length, and nock style listed in the Instructions and Safety manual that came with your Carbon Express® crossbow.

If you don’t have your manual contact our Customer Service department at 800-241-4833.

Also keep in mind that all Carbon Express® crossbows are designed as a full shooting system. Our crossbows, bolts, broadheads, and nocks are specifically designed to work together to give you ideal performance.

Q. Is there a specific broadhead and grain weight recommended to use with a Carbon Express® Crossbow?

A. We recommend you start with 100 or 125 grain broadhead. It will work well for most game and conditions. That said every hunter is different. We encourage you to find what works for you.

Q. Can I shoot an Omni nock or a Capture nock?

A. No. Carbon Express
® crossbows are designed to use half moon nocks only. For ideal accuracy and safe performance please only use the nock style listed in the Instructions and Safety manual for your Carbon Express® crossbow.
Q. Do I really need to use Carbon Express® rail lubricant. And how often?

A. If you take care of your new Carbon Express
® Crossbow you can count on season after season of success. The most fundamental thing you can do is apply Rail Lube at a minimum of every 10 shots. Apply a thin coat to the rail, the strings and the cables. Please note: *Never use string wax*
Q. How long should my strings and cables last?

A. There is no single answer. String and cable life depends on how often the bow is shot and how well it is maintained. To get maximum performance and life from strings and cables we recommend the following:

1. Keep your cables and the un-served portion of the crossbow string lubricated with rail/string lubricant and lightly lubricate the center served portion of the string with rail lubricant.
2. Keep your crossbow clean and dry.
3. Lightly lubricate trigger components and crossbow axles with a high quality gun oil.
4. Store your crossbow uncocked in a cool, dry place. Never store your crossbow near a high heat source such as a furnace vent or an automobile on a hot sunny day. High heat is an enemy of crossbow limbs, synthetic strings and cables.
5. Before each shooting session, examine all bolts and fasteners. Tighten as needed.
Q. How do I know when a cable or string should be replaced?

A. Have the cables and crossbow string replaced immediately if a broken strand is visible or signs of fraying or significant wear appear. Never shoot your crossbow if the center served portion of the crossbow string is frayed, broken or missing.

Q. Do you make a hard case for your crossbow?

A. Carbon Express® does not make a hard crossbow case at this time. Based on customer requests we do offer two soft cases that provide excellent protection for your crossbow and a broad range of crossbow accessories.
Q. How do I attach a sling to by crossbow?

A. Each model is different – please contact our customer service department at 800-241-4833 and we help you step-by-step.
 Q. Can I adjust my trigger pull?

A. No – the trigger pull on your Carbon Express® Crossbow is not designed to be adjusted.
Q. Who is approved to work on a Carbon Express® Crossbow?

A. Please contact our Customer Service Department with questions regarding crossbow repair or maintenance at 800-241-4833.

Q. What is the warranty on my crossbow?

A. Please see the warranty information listed in your Instructions and Safety Manual.
If you don’t have your manual contact our Customer Service department at 800-241-4833.
Q. Can I register my crossbow online?

A. Yes, use our warranty registration form here.