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Our Story

Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is a world leader in arrow technology, innovation, and precision. Since we first opened our doors in Flint, Michigan, we have designed high-performance carbon arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters.

Today, Carbon Express® arrows are used by the most focused and consistent bow shooters across the globe. Our arrow technology has helped shooters of all ages:

  • 2015 1st Place World Archery Championship
  • 2015 1st Place Netherlands National Championships
  • 2015 Gold National Senior Games
  • 2015 Gold IBO Spring Nationals Senior Pro Class
  • 2015 Gold AEE Arizona Cup
  • 2013 FITA World Championship
  • 2013 50 Meter World Record
  • 2012 Gold Medal London Olympics
  • 2012 70 Meter World Record 

Carbon Express is dedicated to providing broadheads, bolts, nocks, and bows that would help crossbow shooters experience the same shooting success that our bow hunters and archers are famous for worldwide.

Our Reason for Being 

We’re here to share what we know.
And learn all we can.
To inspire and be inspired.
To celebrate the infinite moments that make bow-shooting sports rewarding.
And to help you have more of them. 

Bottom line. We’re in business to help hunters of all experience levels understand that no matter the quarry, the season, or the circumstance, Carbon Express® crossbows deliver absolute confidence in the moment of truth.