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TORRID™ 100, Broadhead Carbon Express


Like a fixed broadhead, mechanical broadheads remain closed in flight. This makes the Torrid™ 100 more accurate by avoiding the planing common to some fixed broadheads. This also allows the Torrid™ 100 blades to be longer, since they won’t affect flight, which results in a more devastating cutting diameter. Package includes 3 broadheads.

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    1. Field Point Accuracy Retracted blades reduce planing during flight making the Torrid™ 100 fly more like a field point. 
    2.  Maximum Penetration Bone-crushing 0.031 lead blade makes for maximum broadhead penetration. Aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule provides toughness and durability.
    3. Greater Wound Opening Expandable blade feature allows blades to be extra long, creating a 1.5" cutting diameter. This makes for a larger wound channel, more bleeding, easier tracking, and a quicker, more ethical kill.
    4. Multifunctional Torrid™ 100 broadhead works well with both carbon and aluminum crossbow bolts. Three broadheads included in package.

Broadhead Specifications








Tip Style

Cutting Diameter


Cutting Blades


Blade Thickness




Torrid™ 100 100 grains


1 1/2" 5 0.0331" 3-pack


    • WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.