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X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Rifle-like stock for comfort and fit
  • Multiple position fore-grip
  • Anti-Dry-Fire technology
  • Durable compression molded limbs
  • Ready to hunt kit includes 3 bolts, quiver, rope cocker, 4x32 scope, rail lube and 3 field points

Chosen as the #1 Field & Stream 2016 Best Buy and Petersen's Hunting Best Value 2016

The X-Force® Advantex™ is a versatile, lightweight and durable crossbow that’s great for hunting trips in demanding environments. The narrow front end provides superior maneuverability while you’re stalking game. The rifle-like stock is a snug fit for most body types and allows you to shoulder the crossbow comfortably. The Ready-to-Hunt Kit has what you need for the hunt: three Carbon Express 20-inch Piledriver® crossbolts with moon nocks, 4x32 scope, quick-detach three-arrow quiver, rope cocker, three practice points, and rail lubricant. 

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Performance, Balance, and Accuracy

The X-Force® Advantex™ is durable enough for the toughest hunting environments. It’s easy to set up and adjustable enough to fit most hunting styles. The cast trigger box housing ensures a smooth shooting experience with a crisp, clean trigger pull. The cast metal riser keeps limb alignment precise so every shot is accurate.

Ready-to-Hunt Kit

The X-Force® Advantex™ is a calibrated, brand-matched shooting system. All the parts and accessories are specifically designed to improve accuracy and performance.

Technical Specifications

Model # 20280 Feet Per Second 315 fps Kinetic Energy 91 ft/lb
Draw Weight 165 lbs Power Stroke 13.5"
Weight 6.90 lbs Length 34"
Width 12.5" (cocked)
16.25" (uncocked)
Length of Pull 14.5"

Product Advantages

Crossbow Skeletal Frame X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Better Balance The one-piece skeletal frame is made from lightweight composite material. The narrow 12.5-inch profile helps keep your aim steady when lining up a shot.

Crossbow Cast Metal Riser X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Efficient Engineering Cast metal riser keeps precise limb alignment, making the Advantex™ consistently accurate. Compression molded limbs generate maximum power, shot after shot.

Crossbow Stirrup X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Safety Anti-dry-fire technology prevents damage due to accidental misfires without a crossbolt. Ambidextrous safety is great for left-handed or right-handed hunters.

Crossbow Crisp Trigger Pull X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Smooth Firing New cast trigger box housing with precision internal components ensures a clean, crisp trigger pull. Silentech™ coating dampens vibration and sound for a smooth shooting experience.

Crossbow with Scope X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Improved Accuracy Deluxe 4x32 scope with six reticle crosshairs provides pinpoint accuracy at varying distances. Water, fog and shock resistant.

Crossbow with adjustable rail X-Force® Advantex™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit

Accessory Ready The adjustable 11-inch Picatinny rail system has an adjustable forearm grip to adapt to different shooting styles.

Comparison Guide




Carbon Express Covert CX-3SL+ Crossbow




PRICE (MSRP) $399.99 $599.99
SPEED (feet per second) 315 345 355 360+ 360+
KINETIC ENGERY (foot-lbs) 91 114 119 122 122
COMPACT (minimum length X width when cocked) 34" L (MIN) X 12.5" W
30.75" L (MIN) X 12.5" W
34.25" L (MIN) X 13.5" W
30.25" L (MIN) X 13.5" W
30.25" L (MIN) X 13.5" W
6.90 6.85 7.1 7.45 8.1
BARREL/RISER CONSTRUCTION Composite/Cast Metal Extruded Aluminum/Cast Metal Extruded Aluminum/CNC Machined Extruded Aluminum/CNC Machined Extruded Aluminum/CNC Machined
SCOPE INCLUDED 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope

4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope

4x32 Deluxe Lighted Scope 4x32 Deluxe Lighted Scope 4x32 Deluxe Lighted Scope

20" PileDriver Bolts

20" PileDriver / Hot Pursuit Bolts

20" Mayhem Bolts

20" Maxima Hunter Bolts

20" Maxima Blue Streak Bolts

CROSSBOW ASSEMBLY REQUIRED One step—front end only One step—front end only One step—front end only No assembly required No assembly required
CAMOUFLAGE Desert Tan FLX Digital™ / Muddy Girl® Kryptek™ Highlander Kryptek™ Typhon Tactical Black
ANTI-VIBRATION AND SOUND DAMPENING SilenTech® SilenTech® SilenTech® SilenTech® SilenTech®